Half cultural theorist, half medievalist, I spend my days grazing on a diet of pop culture and penguin classics, trying to find links between medieval monk-detectives and Adrian Monk the detective, or between Peter Lombard and Peter Andre. It explains why I frown so often, and why I place so much faith in the minutiae of life…

The current projects section gives summaries of what I am working on right now. If you are interested in getting involved, please do drop me a line; I’m always happy to hear from researchers in the same fields. I am also one of the series editors for I.B. Tauris’s New Directions in Medieval Studies book series: if you’d like to talk about a proposal for that series, do head over to their web page for more info.

I have posted links to several conference papers I have given over the years which explore these ideas in more detail. Many of these are works in progress and/or the basis for later publications. Please don’t steal them… or at least please credit me if you do.

Hope you enjoy it, and I hope some of this might be of use.

Email me on aelliott@lincoln.ac.uk, or see my university profile and academia.edu page.

Andrew B.R. Elliott is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Lincoln in the UK. His insistence on using middle initials is not down to affectation, but rather to distance himself from some rather strange material on Geordies and the Bible. Please forgive it.
This blog/site has no official affiliation with the University of Lincoln, and all opinions are my own.